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Dutch Furry Convention

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Volunteer The organization staff takes care of most things during the weekend, but we need some hands to support us in running activities, setting and clearing the tables and with security staff. We make sure that volunteer work does not interfere with activities you want to join, and that you will only be called on a minimal amount of times during the weekend. If we have more volunteers, everyone will have to work less and we can all enjoy the con more.

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You will receive an e-mail about your tasks and schedule when registration has closed. You can opt out until one week before the convention.
sponsor The organisation tries to keep the ticket price as low as possible, so that money isn't a boundary for entry. Because of this, we give guests the option to sponsor us. For €15,- extra you help us make DFC even better. All sponsors receive a unique tag on their badge, a small present on arrival at the con, as well as our eternal gratitude.

Become a sponsor
T-Shirt For just €12,50, you can get a unique DFC 6 themed t-shirt with a design from our house artist Hakuwolf. The t-shirts will never be for sale outside of this registration.

The price will be added to your payment information e-mail.